If you are a current NAF employee, to review leave and earning statements (LES) and more, simply click on the “NAFPAY” link below to access the following:

More detailed guide:
My Money Employee Quick Reference Guide »

  • Review leave and earning statements (LES)
  • View and update federal W-4 exemption elections; print state withholding forms
  • Review W-2s
  • Add, review, change or delete allotments to financial institutions
  • Update electronic fund transfer information to a financial institution
  • Review and update your mailing address

NAFPAY Access Instructions:

Enter your USERNAME as first name.middleinitial.lastname (sue.z.que)
Enter your PASSWORD
Enter NAft!+nnnn (with nnnn being the last four digits of your SSN)
Click on Login
Create and enter your own new personal password and confirm
Click on Apply
Click on My Money and then make your selection by clicking one of the menu items:

  • My LES
  • My W4 Elections
  • My W2
  • My Allotments
  • My Personal Info
  • My Suspended

NAFPAY Password Resetting Procedures:

If you need to reset your password for NAFPAY,
contact the Human Resources Officer at 731-4656.